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What is DBA2Dollars?

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DBA2Dollars is a two and a half hour course for entrepreneurs who are starting a business. We cover everything that needs to be considered whether your venture is just a hobby with cash flow or aimed at becoming a multi-million dollar company. We show you not only what questions to ask, but also how to know if you need to ask that question, and where to go to find the answers specifically for you. All participants will also receive the DBA to Dollars resource book with all of this information.
During This Powerful Session, You'll Discover...
  •  All the major questions that need to be asked to get your business off to a successful step
  • Which Questions your particular business needs to answer now, which ones can wait, and which can even be ignored
  •  Directions on where to go to get answers to all of your biggest questions
  •  Confidence that you've done everything possible to avoid nasty surprises from some government agency trying to shut you down or fine you
  •  A plan that maximizes your chances of building a business that is successful according to your personal definition of success
Some of the Topics We'll Be Covering...
  • The Most Common Reasons Small Businesses Fail
  • Where you are in the "Scheme of Things"
  • The Components of a Winning Business Name
  • Buying Wholesale: Sales and Use Tax Certificates
  • The important pieces you need to know about Business Banking
  • The Pros and Cons of the Different Business Entities
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Start Up Expenses
  • Additional Costs and Considerations
  • Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights: Intellectual Property
  • Taxes
  • Employees: The Rules, The REAL Cost
  • The 12 Step Process of the Business Plan
  • Your Marketing Plan
  • Operations and Management
  • Finance and Loans
  • And More!
Meet the Experts...

Toni Allison

Toni Allison is an entrepreneur who has owned 4 businesses. She loves to inform, train, and empower other business owners, and has lead New Quest Business prep courses for more than 12 years.

Dr. Malcolm Upton

Dr. Malcolm is a Certified Business Coach by the oldest, largest business coaching franchise in the world. He was an Air Force Master Instructor (top 1% of Air Force Instructors), and has trained entrepreneurs all across the world.
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